Yacco MVX RACE 4T 10W60 (2L)

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Yacco MVX RACE 4T SAE 10W60 is a 100% synthetic oil for 4-stroke motorbikes, competition and PAO/ESTERS. 100% synthetic race proven engine oil. Increased protection of stressed engine parts: crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, clutches and gear boxes.Particularly suitable when the manufacturer recommends the use of an engine oil with a SAE 10W60 grade.

Properties and advantages

High shear stability SAE 10W60 oil viscosity, providing outstanding engine protection under high temperatures in the most severe conditions.
SAE 10W60 provides quick and optimal lubrication upon engine start-up.
Excellent detergent/dispersant properties for increased engine cleanliness.
100% synthetic PAO/ESTERS based formula offers very low volatility, allowing oil consumption to be reduced.
Excellent protection of the engine against wear.


JASO T903:2016 MA2; API SN
Exclusively developed in competition, MVX RACE 4T 10W60 far exceeds the performances of the main international oil classifications.

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