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Yacco FORK FLUID SAE 10W is Fork fluid.

The 10W viscosity grade is used by most OEMs for conventional forks.

This 10W fork oil is part of our YACCO FORK FLUID product range.

For softer damping, use FORK FLUID 2.5W5W or 7.5W.

For firmer damping, use FORK FLUID 15W or FORK FLUID 20W.

Properties and advantages

High shear resistance means stable performance of the suspension.

Low pour point means good performance at very low temperatures.

Excellent anti-foam, anti-wear, anti-corrosive and anti-friction properties.

Excellent damping under all service conditions.

Protects O-rings.

Compatible with fork oil seals.

Yacco BVX R 500 75W80 (2L)
Rs. 925.00

  • VISCOSITY :75W80

Yacco BVX R 500 SAE 75W80 is 100% semi-synthetic high performance oil for manual transmissions.

Lubrication of modern manual transmissions and drive axles in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles where API GL-4/API GL-4+ SAE 75W80 grade oil is recommended by the manufacturer (especially PSA and Renault Groups).

Particularly suitable for prolonged use under all driving conditions (motorways, city traffic, etc.) and severe usage, all year round.

Properties and advantages

100% semi-synthetic: half synthetic and half mineral content.

Excellent fluidity at low temperatures and outstanding thermal stability.

Outstanding extreme pressure properties for increased protection of gear components.

Excellent resistance to oxidation means optimal lubrication in service until the oil is changed.

Easier cold starts mean increased energy savings and less pollutant emissions.

Enhanced anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.



Renault Group (Dacia, Nissan, Renault) transmissions Jxx



P.S.A Group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles)

Yacco MVX RACE 4T 10W60 (2L)
Rs. 1,200.00


  • VISCOSITÉ :10W60

Yacco MVX RACE 4T SAE 10W60 is a 100% synthetic oil for 4-stroke motorbikes, competition and PAO/ESTERS.

100% synthetic race proven engine oil.

Increased protection of stressed engine parts: crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, clutches and gear boxes.

Particularly suitable when the manufacturer recommends the use of an engine oil with a SAE 10W60 grade.

Properties and advantages

High shear stability SAE 10W60 oil viscosity, providing outstanding engine protection under high temperatures in the most severe conditions.

SAE 10W60 provides quick and optimal lubrication upon engine start-up.

Excellent detergent/dispersant properties for increased engine cleanliness.

100% synthetic PAO/ESTERS based formula offers very low volatility, allowing oil consumption to be reduced.

Excellent protection of the engine against wear.


JASO T903:2016 MA2; API SN
Exclusively developed in competition, MVX RACE 4T 10W60 far exceeds the performances of the main international oil classifications.



Rs. 465.00

Yacco RONGISTOP is a rat and rodent repellent.

Protects from damages caused by rodents (rats, mice, squirrels, etc.) in garages, car parks (particularly underground car parks close to fields, woods, forests, etc.), attics, cellars, garden sheds, etc.

Properties and advantages

Rongistop contains an olfactory repellent made up of essential oils, which creates a protective barrier against rodents.

Prevents rubber and plastic parts (hoses, electric cables, rubber pipes, upholstery, sheaths, etc.) from being bitten by rodents.

Biocidal action.

Instructions for use

Shake well before use and spray thoroughly on the surfaces to be covered.

For optimal effectiveness, repeat every 15 days, depending on the risk.

In vehicles (cars, lorries, motorbikes, quads, gardening equipment, etc.): spray on all synthetic and rubber parts of the engine bay.

For marine use, use the product in the engine room or battery compartment of boats.

Precautions for use

Before use, carefully read the safety information on the label of the product and check the instructions given on the Health and Safety Data Sheet available at yacco.com.

Do not spray close to live electrical equipment.

Use only when equipment is unplugged.

Wait 5 minutes before plugging back in.

Avoid spraying in the presence of sensitive individuals, young children and pets.

Yacco VX 500 10W40 PREMIUM (5L)
Rs. 1,600.00

  • VISCOSITY :10W40

Yacco VX 500 SAE 10W40 is synthetic technology oil for high performance gasoline and diesel engines.

High-performance synthetic technology lubricant recommended for gasoline, diesel and LPG engines fitted with turbo or direct injection systems. Suitable for vehicles used for long motorway journeys under severe driving conditions and short journeys with frequent stop-and-go.

Properties and advantages

Very high performance 10W40 oil which covers a wide range of OEM specifications, including those from Renault and the PSA Group.

Enriched synthetic formula ensures optimal lubrication throughout the service life of the oil.

A high viscosity index provides excellent stability at high temperatures and quick oil flow upon start-up.

Increased detergent/dispersant additives protect the engine from clogging, increase its performance level and extend its service life.




PSA B71 2300

Renault RN0710/0700

MB 229.3

VW 502.00/505.00

Yacco VX 1000LL SAE 5W40 (5L)
Rs. 1,950.00

  • SYNTHETIC 100%

Yacco VX 1000LL SAE 5W40 is 100% synthetic “Longlife” oil for gasoline, diesel and LPG engines.

Suitable for highly stressed gasoline engines (multi valve, regardless of whether they are turbocharged) and direct injection diesel engines (including turbocharged ones).

Can be used under severe driving conditions (motorways, heavy city traffic, etc.).

Suitable for all vehicles with a catalytic converter and/or which run on LPG.

Properties and advantages

100% synthetic high performance formula.

Excellent stability at high temperatures and shear resistance.

Outstanding performance at low temperatures.

Excellent detergent/dispersant properties.

Ensures the engine’s original level of performance is maintained, as well as extending its service life.

Instant protection of the engine against wear upon start-up.

Keeps the engine clean, even under very severe driving conditions.


  • API SN
  • MB Approval 229.5
  • Porsche A40
  • Volkswagen 502.00/505.00


  • ACEA A3/B4; API CF
  • BMW Longlife-01
  • FIAT 95535 H2/M2/N2/Z2
  • GM-LL-B-025
  • Renault RN0710/0700
  • PSA B71 2296

Cooling systems Mineral LR -12 (5L)
Rs. 560.00

Yacco LR -12 is coolant for use in hot climates (-12°C).

Made using monoethylene glycol, demineralised water and specific additives, this premixed coolant does not have to be mixed with water.

Specifically formulated for use in hot climates.

Properties and advantages

The concentration has more inhibitors to provide better protection against corrosion and rust, than using water or a low protection coolant (-5°C for example)

Good anti-foam properties.

Improves heat dissipation and helps engine cooling.

Prevents the formation of deposits in the cooling system.

Meets the requirements of ASTM D3306 & NFR 15601 standards (except in terms of pH).

Frost protection up to -12°C.

Precautions for use

Can only be mixed with coolants of the same type.

Do not use when the outside temperature is below -10°C. Where this is not the case, please contact us so we can advise you on the best product to use.

Harmful if ingested. Contains a bittering agent, in accordance with French Decree No. 95 326 of 20th March 1995.

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For Toyota COROLLA 03.2007 - 06.2010